the text of Famous Diamonds (2016)


once there was a diamond, once there was a mine

once there were volcanoes, our bodies entwined


are you just a trapping to rid myself of?

or  this time, it’s the real thing? this time it’s love?


once there was a mountain, once there was the sea

once you held me in your arms like branches of a tree


once i held you in my head, the surface of the sun

i kept a map of all your charms, each and every one


desire was a picture and one i rarely took

obliterating all i had with just a single look


the tightest arms will loosen with the fading of desire

and mountains fall into the sea when opening to fire


once there was desire and once there was the world

desire swam into the sea, opened arms, unfurled


desire is a diamond pulled from the earth around

and desire was a siren that made me run aground


did i search a diamond, was i told to steal its gleam,

was i told to wrap my world around it, was it just a dream?


desire sells its shining charms and casts the world aside

bending light to cover up that which desire hides


then desire captured me, a polished gleaming arc

just as i saw you in my head before the sun grew dark


is it much to ask you, that you wake with thoughts of me

when every night i bend my charms to shine so bright for thee?


your memory is shattered, a turn i can’t outrun

once you were an effigy. now you’re anyone


once i saw a clearer frame but now a thought endures

did i ever possess you, was i ever yours?


now desire’s captured me, beyond objects to want

shining brighter than the other things desire haunts


the moon holds all these pieces in a tidal wonderland

a diamond is a piece of coal, a volcano grains of sand