Cross-Pollinated Pixels – Resources


Films/Games that I mentioned in this talk:

At Land – Maya Deren

Ritual of the Moon – Kara Stone


Lights – Marie Menken



Cut Piece – Yoko Ono

Perfect Blue – Harriet Horobin-Worley


It Wasn’t Love – Sadie Benning

Sink or Swim – Su Friedrich

Dream Daddy


Resources for more film/art:

UbuWeb – a great repository for avant-garde work

CFMDC – Canada’s artist-run centre for film-based works

VTape – Another fantastic distributor with resources for video works too


Ways of Seeing on Youtube:

Don’t forget to watch parts 2-4 too!


Some really fun articles that I couldn’t fit in:

In Defense of Messy Games

An awesome research project digging up old queer games


Grant sites to look at:

Toronto Arts Council

Ontario Arts Council

Canada Council for the Arts