Once again, Bikini Atoll becomes the scene of the most dramatic nuclear explosion of all…

What happens if after a decade you return to the same beach – only to find that you never left? You look around and see the same waves of bodies and boys, the same sky, the same open sea… the same feeling of dread.

Bikini is an atomic beach party film – a reaction to dating apps, body issues, and a fear the sun. It’s a world where even the dreamer can’t catch a break, let alone a wave. We’re all at odds with “the muscles”, and everyone has an opinion about what to live for. The men keep rolling in like they’re on a conveyor belt, the bombs keep dropping, and all we can do is keep surfing. Bikini is about letting the waves wash over you. It’s about wanting it easy and wanting it free. It’s about making your life count for something besides the next big wave.

Does it hurt?

Bikini features a score by Mark Savoia, download the single here!


Presented at 29th British Film Institute Flare Film Festival, March 2015

Presented at 4th Pink Life KuirFest, Ankara, Turkey, January 2015

Presented at 31stHamburg International Short Film Festival, No Budget Competition

Presented at 25th Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, May 2015

Presented at 18th Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria BC, October 2015

Presented at Strangelove Queer Film Festival, Antwerp, October 2015

Presented at 19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, October 2015, Fascinations Competition

Presented at 28th MIX New York Queer Experimental Film Festival, November 2015

Presented at Helsinki International Short Film Festival, 2015

Presented at What the Fuck Festival, Collectif Jeune Cinema, Paris, July 2016

Presented at Cinémathèque Québécoise, Montréal, March 2018