the reason why (2009)

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In The Reason Why, the subjects of growing up queer, fat and lonely are recounted in rebuttal letters to ex-boyfriends who all share the same name. Using a mix of 8mm and experimental video, the piece weaves together pornography, new “Gay Hollywood” movies and memories to explore how to find one’s place while being a minority within a minority community, and how to say all the things that were never said in significant relationships.


Presented in Natural Causes, Visiting Artist Lecture, University of Warwick, England, March 2012

Presented at 22nd Vancouver Queer Film Festival, August 2010, From Coast to Coast Is Queer Program

Presented at 2010 Emergence Queer Film Festival, University of Western Ontario

Presented at Queer Lisboa 17, Lisbon, Portugal, September 2013, Queer Art programme

Presented in Queer Sci-Fi, Traveling Curated Programme, Toronto, London, Lisbon, 2013-2014