a common obsession, the quest for happiness dictates the shape of many lives in the world. some find religion, some seek love, but all are searching to be happy. a direct result of attending too many weddings, happy explores the intersection of happiness, apostasy, and love. a journey through hand-processed 16mm memories, happy begins with a kiss and ends in “god’s love”.

a pointed response to yoko ono’s smile project, happy considers the fiction of happiness and what it truly means, how it is proselytized in the church, media, and each other. can simply smiling bring about an emotional change? can being told to be happy make you happy?

has anyone told you that god loves you?


Presented at 276h British Film Institute London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, March 2013, Fragments program

Presented at 1st Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, June 2013, Queer Themes program

Presented at 23rd Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, June 2013, Art Therapy program

Presented at GAZE International LGBT Film Festival Dublin, August 2013, Men’s Shorts program

Presented at QFilm Long Beach LGBTQ Film Festival, Long Beach, September 2013, Queer Shorts program

Presented at MIX Copenhagen, October 2013, Experimania program

Presented at Q! Film Festival, Jakarta, Indonesia, October 2013, Chubby Stick program

Presented at Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg, Germany, October 2013

Presented at Antimatter Film Festival, Victoria, October 2013, Bone Ghosts program

Presented at 3rd Pink Life KuirFest, Ankara, Turkey, January 2014

Presented at 2013 LIFT Film Round-Up, Toronto, January 2014

Presented at AKS Film + Dialogue Festival, Lahore, Pakistan, December 2014

Presented in Antimatter Performance and Film Traveling Programme, Mexico and Europe, 2014-2015

Presented at Reelout Queer Film and Video Festival, Kingston, January 2015

Presented at Queers in Shorts, Cambridge UK, March 2016