Peeling back the shrouded image, Exhumation is a reanimation of long lost desire.

A response to news of a celebrity paternity suit and the mythology adhered to it, Exhumation obsesses over buried memories to create one’s own monster from memory. Re-composed of images chemically treated to disintegrate, the figures peel their identities away to remain as ghosts of what once was. At once a diary of a death mask and of speculative hope, Exhumation dives through years of hurt feelings to find that although the body was here, you vanished.


Composed of various image-making processes, Exhumation is a work that employs various techniques including mordan├žage, to peel the emulsion off of the base of the film. For her assistance with this technique, i am indebted to Eva Kolcze. Mark Savoia provides a driving and decaying original score. This work is a continuation of my use of Super 16mm, as well as an initial phase of my rotoscoping and animation technique research.


Presented at 32nd British Film Institute Flare Film Festival, London, March 2018

Presented at 33rd Torino LGBTQI Visions Film Festival, Italy, April 2018, Iconoclasta Competition

Presented at 28th Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival, June 2018

Presented at 40th Norwegian Short Film Festival, Oslo, June 2018, International Competition

Presented at Outfest LGBT Film Festival, July 2018

Presented at Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, July 2018

Presented on, Video Art Visions collection, July 201

Presented at 21st Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria BC, October 2018

Presented at 16th Festival Internationale Signes de Nuit, Paris, October 2018

Presented at 23rd Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, October 2018, Fascinations Competition

Presented as part of Queer City Cinema Exhibition Tour, Victoria / Yellowknife / Edmonton / Saskatoon / Thunder Bay, January/February 2019

Presented at An Ordinary Day Festival, Stockholm, August 2019

Presented at Toronto Queer Film Festival, Toronto, November 2019

Presented at International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 2020

Jury Prize – Best Experimental Film, Rio Gender & Sexuality Film Festival, July 2018
Nomination – Short Film Competition, Norwegian Short Film Festival, June 2018

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