Peeling back the shrouded image, Exhumation is a reanimation of long lost desire.

A response to news of a celebrity paternity suit and the mythology adhered to it, Exhumation obsesses over buried memories to create one’s own monster from memory. Re-composed of images chemically treated to disintegrate, the figures peel their identities away to remain as ghosts of what once was. At once a diary of a death mask and of speculative hope, Exhumation dives through years of hurt feelings to find that although the body was here, you vanished.


Composed of various image-making processes, Exhumation is a work that employs various techniques including mordan├žage, to peel the emulsion off of the base of the film. For her assistance with this technique, i am indebted to Eva Kolcze. Mark Savoia provides a driving and decaying original score. This work is a continuation of my use of Super 16mm, as well as an initial phase of my rotoscoping and animation technique research.


Premieres at BFI Flare, British Film Institute, London, March 2018