cowboys and iodine (21o4) is part four of the lion series

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An attempt to tame the atomic frontier, Cowboys and Iodine is a fever dream involving the masculine bravado and seldom-discussed gender shaming used to encourage men to volunteer as liquidators for the cleanup of the Chernobyl disaster.

Employing dip, spray and smudge techniques to replicate the different methods of radiation exposure the men experienced. The film also employs a split negative/reversal process to reflect the methods that waves of radiation enter the body. Cowboys and Iodine blends subtext, social stigma and personal aspiration to construct the internal contemplation of a man going to war with the atom.

Cowboys and Iodine is part four of seven in the Lion series. Composed of seven works, Lion is a series of films creted on 16mm and hand processed with darkroom techniques that mimic the effects of radiation on film. Researched in Chernobyl, the series is a product of memories, history, pop culture and technical experiments to create visual representations of invisible forces. Lion consists of five collage diary works with two technical study films.

lOfficial Selection, BFI Flare London LGBT Film Festival 2014r

lOfficial Selection, MIX Copenhagen 2014r

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